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The 12 Traditions of AA across the World, often referred to simply as AA, is an international fellowship of people working together to overcome their addictions to alcohol. Although it is founded on Christian philosophy, the group is apolitical. It is also multiracial, nearly everywhere in the world, nonprofessional, and self-supporting. The system of mutual peer support to abstain from drugs and alcohol, with the help of a sponsor who has gone through the program, is open to anyone who needs help.
The founding principles of AA are called the 12 Steps, and programs that are based on AA are sometimes called 12-Step programs. The 12 Traditions are associated with the 12 Steps, and they were first officially published in 1946 in AA’s journal, the AA Grapevine. They were officially endorsed as positive cultural attitudes and principles that could bring about change within AA groups by the International Convention of AA, which met in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1950. Read the 12 traditions of AA in Kindle or PDF Format

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